Our mission is to connect with each student’s passion for creation to inspire lifelong learners through the art of beatboxing


Champion beatboxers and teaching artists Kaila Mullady (World Champion 2015 & 2018) and Mark Martin (American Beatbox Champion 2016) came together in 2014 to create a method combining their passions for beatboxing, education, communication, and expression. Through years of experience teaching in a variety of different schools and environments, they developed a technique for growth, development, and expression based on what they call the 5 Pillars of Personal Development. 
  1. Self - Expression

Through self-expression we learn about ourselves, our wants, desires, likes and dislikes. This informs how we learn, and connects what we learn to our experience in a real and engaging way.  Through Self-Expression we develop confidence. The more we express ourselves, the easier it is to express ourselves in difficult and pressing situations. Whether speaking up when there is a problem, stepping up to a bully, the first step is connecting to how you express yourself.

2.     Confidence Building

We like to say that if you can make funny duck sounds in front of your peers, public speaking suddenly becomes much less frightening. Confidence building is a central aspect of our program, and through self expression we build social capital, which makes it easier to come forward and speak in front of your peers.    

3.    Emotional Intelligence

By knowing ourselves deeply, we are able to richly interact with the world around us, and understand how to work best with ourselves and others. This understanding helps students understand their own emotions and empathize more effectively with others, streamlining communication as well as reducing conflict. Through familiarizing and labeling our emotions, we develop effective strategies for navigating them rather than suppress them.

4.     Dynamic Communication (Tool for Language Therapy)  

Communication involves the transmission, receival, and processing of information. Our program uses beatboxing as a tool for speech therapy, both in how we transmit information (the sounds we use, articulation and flow of speech) as well as how we receive it (active listening). In addition to the sounds and words used, we also discuss their meaning, and how to communicate those ideas more effectively. Through these methods, students are able to open up and avoid misunderstandings, helping to resolve conflict and build trust. Since we are engaging these activities through play, we see a marked increase in participation, engagement, and retention.     

5.     Leadership

More than just making music and sound, we wish to share the tools needed to become good and effective leaders. We believe that it is essential to encourage and develop these skills within our youth so that they can become leaders in their communities, communicating effectively with others in order to work together towards a common goal, or resolve a common conflict. Learning how to become a leader prepares us for the world beyond.

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Beatboxing & Speech Therapy 

Join Mark and Kaila in the classroom with the students of the Lavelle School for the Blind

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Mark's TedX

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