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Team Building and Creative Collaboration

The Academy of Noise believes that a rich musical experience strengthens a student's communication skills long after they leave the classroom: a skill that greatly impacts every aspect of their lives. The basis of great communication skills is to be able to share your ideas authentically and be able to actively listen to those around you. Beatboxing and song writing directly practices both of these skills in a fun and exciting way. While building an original song with their classmates students work on audiation turn-taking, connection and inclusiveness.



Assemblies are best for larger groups (25 - 500+). Assemblies focus on introducing concepts and basic tools and techniques. Assemblies are a great way to see who is interested in beatboxing, and gives them a vocabulary from which to grow. Assemblies focus on some of our major themes as well, such as speaking up for those around you, anti-bullying, inclusion, confidence building, and leadership.


Workshop Series

Workshops are smaller and more intimate, with 3 - 25 students. Smaller class size allows for more personalized direct feedback from the instructors. This allows us to build personalized conversations around the wants and needs of the students.

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