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Team Building and Creative Collaboration

The Academy of Noise believes that a rich musical experience strengthens a student's communication skills long after they leave the classroom: a skill that greatly impacts every aspect of their lives. The basis of great communication skills is to be able to share your ideas authentically and be able to actively listen to those around you. Beatboxing and song writing directly practices both of these skills in a fun and exciting way. While building an original song with their classmates students work on audiation turn-taking, connection and inclusiveness.


Assemblies are best for larger groups (25 - 500+).

Assemblies focus on introducing concepts and basic tools and techniques. Assemblies are a great way to see who is interested in beatboxing and gives them a vocabulary from which to grow. Assemblies focus on some of our major themes as well, such as speaking up for those around you, anti-bullying, inclusion, confidence building, and leadership.


Powerful Voices - How do we use our voice for good? 

Powerful Voices is a high-energy and interactive introduction to beatboxing. Students learn the foundations of beatboxing, and how its philosophy of overcoming obstacles and working with limited resources has propelled it as one of the fastest-growing musical communities in the world. We demonstrate, model, and provide opportunities for students to get involved, learn about their own voices, and how they can use their voices for good. Our core themes include self-expression, public speaking, leadership, anti-bullying, inclusion, confidence building, and speaking up for those around you.

      25 - 500+ Students

30 - 60 Minutes



The AON Workshop Series are for smaller groups, allowing for more personalized and direct interaction with the instructors. We facilitate a space and context for personalized conversations with students, focusing on their wants, needs, and concerns. These intimate group sessions allow each child to practice public speaking and speaking up about what is important to them. Below are the different Workshop Series AON provides.  

3 - 25 Students

30-60 minutes,

1-10+ sessions


Powerful Voices: Beatbox 101

Beatbox 101 is all about students exploring the creative power of their voice through improvisational games and collective imagination-based sonic experiences. Through these fun games, students are given a chance to connect with each other, collaborate, challenge fear and express themselves. Beatbox 101 introduces students to different instruments, sound effects, vocal techniques, breathing techniques, technical patterns, genres, grooves, and how to make music using only the human instrument.

Focus: Self-expression, core musical skills, public speaking


Making the Message: Songwriting and Storytelling 

Students learn how to work together to compose music using only the human voice. Students collaborate to create the music as well as the lyrical content that tells the story they want to share with the world. Each student will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of beatboxing, how to produce music, and create meaningful songs. At the end of each session, the kids are able to keep the song they produced so they can share it with their friends and family.

Focus: Collaboration, songwriting, storytelling, communicating with kindness


Musical Roots: Music History and Theory 

Musical Roots celebrates the music created in the United States, honoring the pioneers that have changed the world, and what they had to work against. Students learn how to beatbox classic rhythms from these genres, making musical connections that echo throughout the ages. We encourage the students to explore their expression authentically and not be afraid to try something new. Along the way, we will touch on elements of classical and jazz theory to enrich their understanding of what’s really going on in these musical masterpieces.  

Focus: Exposure to different musical styles, and what connects them to the music of today

"We had never experienced an assembly of this type before, and we were thrilled with its results! “..the most incredible thing I saw was kids that normally hide in the background getting up & wanting to make beats with them! "

John Thorsen Principal
Chatham High School October 2019

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