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Teaching leadership through collaboration and creativity. Our vision is to help people of all ages express themselves and find the power of their voice through beatboxing, writing, and storytelling. We believe that our students can develop a growth mindset and build healthy communication skills while having fun. Our team of World Champion Beatboxers, Vocal Health Professionals, and SLP's are passionate about sharing the positive effects that musical enrichment can leave with your community. Tambien, hablamos español!

Team Building

More than just making music and sound,  students learn how to communicate effectively and work together towards a common goal through creative collaboration. 

Self - Expression

Through Self-Expression we develop confidence. The more we practice authentic communication, the easier it is to express ourselves in difficult and pressing situations. 

Active Listening

Beatboxing helps us listen intentionally, both to ourselves and the ensemble. This helps students internalize pulse, rhythm, and other foundations of music and language.

Public Speaking

Everyone gets nervous but if you can make funny duck sounds in front of your peers, public speaking suddenly becomes much less frightening. 

What is Beatboxing?

Beatboxing is the art form of making music using only the human voice to imitate instruments, sound effects, and musical compositions. Also known as the 5th Element of Hip-Hop, beatboxing is a black American art form created in New York City during the early 1980s. Pioneers like Dougie Fresh, Biz Markie, Buffy from the Fat Boys, and Rahzel spread the art form worldwide. Later, platforms like YouTube and Instagram heightened beatboxing's global movement of self-expression.

Everyone Can Beatbox

It's fun and easy to learn. The best part? The voice is an instrument that is always with us, making it easy to practice and share at any time. 

It's Free To Play

Unlike many other art forms, to beatbox, all you need is your mouth and an active imagination. Once you learn a new sound, you can now become that instrument! 

Build Confidence

Sometimes we struggle to express ourselves. We believe that, with practice, you can develop the confidence to stand up for your beliefs and say the right thing. The first step to speaking up is making a sound. 

Human Connection

In a world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, beatboxing is an organic art form that shows students that they are capable of creating without the help of technology. They themselves are enough for greatness.

AON Programs

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"At The Masters School we work to create a culture where students will feel empowered to take risks, be vulnerable and discover their creative selves. You invite students to be brave, be a little (or a lot) crazy, take some risks and let their flags fly while having fun and discovering the power of their voices ... You are undeniably at the top of your craft as artists in addition to being very effective at working with young folks...the feedback I’m getting from students is a resounding thumbs-up!! "

John-Alec Raubeson
The Masters School

"As a teacher, I appreciate the idea of honoring the voices of students and em- powering them to develop their passions. this is a wonderful example of how teaching the arts can enhance humanity and help us all connect with each other through our unique and authentic voices."

Patrice Millilo
Art is Power

"We had never experienced an assembly of this type before, and we were thrilled with its results! “..the most incredible thing I saw was kids that normally hide in the background getting up & wanting to make beats with them! "

John Thorsen
Principal, Chatham High School

"The Woodhall School was deeply inspired by Kaila Mullady. Her genuine desire to touch the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone present made it a safe space for our boys to learn, take risks, and make some music. Kaila’s message goes beyond music. She inspired the boys to never accept limits placed on their lives. Through her own personal journey and story as a female beatboxer, she left our school eager to hit the ground running on making dreams a reality. "

Vincent B Vincent
Associate Head of School ,The Woodhall School

"Exceptional! ..accommodating and willing to participate in our event fully, but most of all, their talent knocked our socks off! ..not only as awesome beatboxers and performers, but as great speakers who know how to connect with their audience regardless of age, gender, race, or background."

Anthony Paustian, Ph.D.
West Des Moines Area Community College


CBS Sunday Morning

On Sunday March 5th, CBS Sunday Morning aired a profile piece at the 2022 American Beatbox Championships, organized by Academy of Noise founders Kaila Mullady and Mark Martin.

Mark Martin's TedX Talk

Learn more about Mark & Kaila's journey into the world of education in front of the world's largest live TedX audience

Serious XM: American Voices

Kaila & Mark sit down with former US Senator Bill Bradley, who shares his unique perspective of the American landscape on Serious Xm's American Voices.

Beatboxing & Speech Therapy

Join Mark and Kaila in the classroom with the students of the Lavelle School for the Blind in the Bronx

CBC Radio Special

Dive deeper into music and the brain with this in-depth special

WGNO - Roots of Music

AON makes its way to New Orleans to teach at several programs including the world renown Roots of Music, the world's premiere brass band school for youth 6-18

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